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Tijuana’s Tacos

Tacos • Mulitas • Vampiros • Tortas & More

Tijuana’s Tacos was founded in 2006, with a vision of perfecting the authentic delicious taco from Tijuana, Mexico. Tijuanas Tacos opened their first location in Pomona with the help of three taqueros from Otay Tijuana and the passion of the founder Hector Erami. Since early beginnings Tijuanas Tacos Inc. has always strive to create the Tijuana taco that we all hear about. This is why all of Tijuanas Tacos Inc. contains a main ingredient: guacamole. Our in-house guacamole is made fresh everyday to preserve the flavor.

The Best Tacos from Tijuana in your Town

The founders passion and desire of creating the best taco in town led to creations that are only unique to Tijuanas Tacos, creations such as: El Taco Pobre (The Poor Mans Taco), or Taco Loco (Crazy Taco), or the eye-popping Chile Taco (Pepper Taco). This passion also led to the creation of Tijuanas Tacos Inc. free botanitas such as frijolitos charros, nopalitos, grill jalapenitos and cebollitas.

With the success and the support of our clients, Tijuana’s Tacos eventually opened their second and third locations in Moreno Valley and Riverside and eventually opening up two more, Fontana and Ontario. Our passion and desire for tacos always keeps us in the the Cutting-edge of discovering the new taco that will blow our clients mind or should we say blow away their taste buds!