The Tijuana Taco

Tijuana Taco

It’s a fact that the tacos in Tijuana are the best street tacos in the world. How many times have you driven across the border and not had at least one of their infamous street tacos? Probably never–especially since you can eat them in just about any corner of the street. How much do we like eating tacos from Tijuana? How much do we miss eating tacos from Tijuana?

Don’t you wish we would all live five minutes away from the border just to eat their delicious street tacos anytime we craved them? Not anymore. With Tijuana’s Tacos now located throughout Southern Cali, you no longer need to drive down to TJ in order to get some good tasting tacos. Tijuanas Tacos serves the authentic taco from Tijuana. With its creamy guacamole and its cebolla y cilantro, our tacos are prepared under the same original recipe used by many taqueros from the streets of Tijuana. So come have a Tijuana style taco tonight, and save yourself a trip to TJ. You know you’ve been craving one.


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