New Year 2014!!!

New year. New resolutions? What’s up, SoCal? Now that we’ve entered 2014 , it’ s time to exercise more and eat healthier. Yeah… right. With bomb ass tacos like the ones formulated here at Tijuana Tacos, who has time to diet?

If you haven’t yet, make it your new year’s resolution to up your “taco fix”. And if you haven’t tried our tacos, then you might as well live under a rock. Start your new year right by visiting one of our five taquerias throughout Southern Califas.

The time to conquer your goals and make shit happen is now. Get off your couch and get moving. Grind and shine, peeps! And if you don’t have a car, get on your chevy-legs and keep it rolling.

We wish all the raza a prosperous year. Be a better person than you were last year, or the year before. Do your thing, paisanos. Keep it west coasting. Si no… a la verg!

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