Los Enamorados

What it do, Southern Califas?

Hopefully all you love birds had a wonderful Valentine’s Day weekend. Even though I agree with Suga Free that “Love ain’t nothing but two people feeling sorry for themselves,” I sure hope Cupid was able to do his job this year.

Well… after eating pink, red and white candy, exchanging chocolate from heart-shaped boxes and, giving flowers to that special someone, it’s time to come back to reality and eat some real food.

And by real food I mean Mexican food. Tacos in Pomona, Tacos in Riverside, Tacos in Moreno Valley, Tacos in Fontana and Tacos in Ontario, tacos, and more tacos! Although we don’t make tacos in the shape of hearts, we sure in hell make them from the heart — that’s why we’re the best taqueria north of the border.

Treat your significant other as if it was Valentine’s Day every day. Love and be loved. Much love to all you tacoholics, and thanks for your love and support. One West, peeps! Sigan pa delante, raza.

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