Happy Thanksgiving 2013

What’s up, sur Califas and all you taco eating peeps?

With less than two weeks before Thanksgiving, it is time to start checking off that long grocery  Thanksgiving list. But don’t panic just yet because at Tijuanas Tacos it doesn’t matter what holiday is around the corner, our taco list never ends; we keep on making those bomb tacos no matter what!

With “Turkey Day” nearing, I wonder if any taco shop has ever thought of making a turkey taco. A homie once told me that he’d make turkey tacos from leftover Thanksgiving turkey. But anyways, that’s just a tale from the ghetto days. Let’s talk about something more interesting: History of tacos!

According to a history professor from the University of Minnesota, who has ate tacos all around the world, said that the formulation of tacos can be traced back to the 18th century in the silver mines of Mexico.

The origin for the word “taco” came from the miners itself. In the silver mines, the word “taco” was use when referring to the little charges they would use to excavate the ore. They’d use pieces of paper wrapped around gunpowder, which would then be inserted into holes that were carved in the rock face.

History class dismissed! Follow me to learn more about the taco and its history. Have a wonderful day, southern Cali! Don’t for get to stop by one Tijuanas Tacos to get your taco fix before the holidays.

Laters, alligators!

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